Make a Princess Room for Your Girl with Cartoon Stuff

Every girl dreams of being born as a princess even princess only exists in fairy tales. It’s common to see stuffed animals like adorable Hello Kitty, Snoopy and Minions against the backdrop of pink quilt and bed-cover. However, these dolls usually consume many bucks. As a new mom or dad, making a lovely and safe bedroom for kids always tops the list when your babies grow old enough to sleep alone. There are many tips you could take to achieve that goal. One of the easiest is stuffing her room with her favorite cartoon features.

Hello Kitty Room

Hello Kitty Room

Choose Dolls to Her Taste

The role of dolls transforms from partners or guards to useless items as girls grow from a toddler to an in-between kid. But dolls act as her siblings who would accompany her throughout the childhood when she is young. She may share all her happiness and sadness with her baby Hello Kitty. When choosing between a sitting and a standing Hello Kitty, a pink and a yellow Doraemon, it’s safe and reliable to ask the girl’s idea. Even she selects a wrong color to go with her bed, it’s the one that amuses her most. Let her decide big or small. These dolls will create a fancy environment where only a beautiful princess can live.

Hello Kitty Dolls

Hello Kitty Dolls

Use Matching Sheet and Sham

Don’t ignore the role of sheet, sham and quilt. They are the basic elements that determine the backdrop of the whole room and what may attract her attention first. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean she will surely choose Hello Kitty to cover her little body even though she’s already chosen Hello Kitty as her bedroom dolls. As mentioned before, listen to her voice patiently. However, it would be great if she agrees to buy matching sheet, sham and quilt. This will produce stronger visual harmony. Patterns like Barbie girls should be very appealing to them.

Hello Kitty Sheet

Hello Kitty Sheet

Putting up Cartoon Pictures

Pictures are very helpful in inspiring a kid’s creativity and imagination before she comes to know any word. Additionally, well-decorated walls also add the impression of a princess room. Putting up cartoon pictures like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Teddy Bear on the wall strikes the girl as exciting, interesting and fascinating. Again, Hello Kitty wall paper looks like an extra edge if you need it to fit the bedding. No girls dislike appreciating cartoon pictures that beautify her bedroom walls.

Install Cute Lighting

Lighting is no less important than toys, dolls or wall paper. A properly-lit room helps a kid to fall into sleep faster and happier. A simple way to brighten up a child’s interior is just to install an impressive lighting fixture which bears shapes of cute animals. Long elephant wall sconce, chic flower end table lights, colorful LED ball lamps with Hello Kitty or other cartoon images on the shade are very popular options. Look at this Tiffany Night Lamps which takes the shape a vivid butterfly. It gives off dim rather than glaring light. The lovely modeling along with the soft light will drive away her fear of darkness meanwhile protects her eyesight. Little girls always hate sleep at early hours. But if you switch on such a butterfly lamp and tell her that it’s time for the butterfly and the princess to go to bed, she will feel pleasant to do as you ask.

Cartoon Tiffany Lamps

Cartoon Tiffany Lamps – Source

Be sure there are both night light and functional light, one for sleeping and one for games or reading.


Bear in mind two roles:

First, choose all furniture basing on your girl’s taste.

Second, make good use of cartoon elements.

These are the secrets to give her a princess bedroom.


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